The Reasons for Success


Since 1973 the company has produced precious items in cashmere, cashmere/silk and wool. The search for perfection led to the development of a laboratory hosting highly skilled operators and urged Cristiano Stagnoli, who currently manages the company, to buy high tech equipment to operate with great accuracy and achieve top quality finishes.

Maglificio Rita is reliable, versatile and structured to meet designers’ needs in terms of precision and high quality; it proposes women and men’s collections and elegant and fashionable accessories.
The softness and warmth of cashmere and wool, the brightness of silk and the quality of items can be assessed directly in the firm store, where the staff of Maglificio Rita welcomes and provides information to both their wholesalers and individual customers.

Maglificio Rita srl, Via Marconi, 13
28060 Sozzago (NO) - Italy

+(39) 0321 70159