Developing a Collection

DEVELOPING A COLLECTION: from stylistic research to production

How is a collection developed at Maglificio Rita?
The first step consists in the detailed design of models, bearing in mind the materials and colours which will be used. Skilled operators design items and turn tem into sketches and making-up patters to start the production process. 
The choice of yarns and colours is paramount, since it needs to take into account fit, fibres and machine fineness. Depending on the quality and type of yarn, different results can be achieved: consequently, the correct materials must be purchased from reliable suppliers. 
The third step consists in knitting the fabric: the fabric comes out of the machine already shaped according to the model and is ready to be sewn. If the items are made of cashmere or cashmere and silk, they need to undergo fulling to clean them and provide them with the correct softness. 
The item is ironed by hand or by means of a steam press and, finally, is labelled and packaged to be delivered to wholesalers or displayed on the shelves of the company store of Maglificio Rita.

Everything happens in the laboratory of Maglificio Rita. It’s equipped with modern machines capable of carrying out all the necessary operations to produce items of excellent quality. The quality of the machines and the experience of their operators make Maglificio Rita an ideal partner for outsourcing purposes.

Weaving machines: flat knitting machines for 8, 12, 18 fineness fabrics
Packaging machines: loopers/sewing machines, button hole machines, flat machines
Washing and ironing department: fulling machines, steam presses, irons

Interview with Cristiano Stagnoli
What is the origin of your love for knitwear?

I was born in the world of knitwear. Like all those who have experienced family-run businesses, I grew up among the joy and pain of this activity and have learnt to love it. I developed a great interest in the softness of yarns and the beauty of colour shades. After many years, I still get excited when I see my collection turning into reality.

What is your source of inspiration when you are developing a new collection?

Life, real daily life. I believe that, in order to be successful, a knitwear collection must be present during every moment of the day, be versatile, capable of changing according to one’s needs. Of course, experience, creativity, passion, taste for colours and shapes are necessary. Real elegance is made of quality, stylistic research and simplicity.

What is the contribution given to your work by your thorough knowledge of raw materials and processing techniques?

An overall understanding of the creative and productive process is undoubtedly of great help. The problem is transferring an idea into a tangible object by using “live” materials. Each yarn reacts in a different way and this must be taken into account if the item to be produced is to reflect the personality of the person who wears it.

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